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We can help you with any type of general liability claim, ranging from a motor vehicle accident to construction defect to a habitability claim


Your insureds' car accidents can happen in a variety of ways, including rear ended, side swipes, head on collisions, failing to stop at a red light, running a stop sign, going too fast, “T-bones”, improper lane changes, etc. ---  We have litigated all of them.  We can represent your insured in any motor vehicle action and ensure that he or she is protected.  We handle the motor vehicle actions effectively and efficiently to ensure your insureds are protected without unnecessary costs.


We are a preeminent construction defect law firm in Central California.  We have handled hundreds of construction defect actions representing subcontractors from the soil to the roofs.   We handle a variety of construction claims and can assist your insureds no matter what trade they are involved in.


Wrongful death actions are fraught with problems unique only to them.  We have handled numerous wrongful death cases, and we can ensure that your insured is protected. We use quality experts and handle these delicate cases with proper courtesy, care, but also zeal necessary to ensure your insured is protected.


Trucking accidents are usually severe, which is why we handle them with due care. We even provide immediate responses to trucking accidents, and we have been called and attended a trucking accident within hours of the collision.  We can arrive at the scene and protect your driver from undue interrogation at the scene to ensure your driver, who is usually in shock, isn't "tricked" into making inaccurate statements.  We have represented trucking companies for years and can assist you with your cases.


We have handled slip, trip & fall cases for years, and we can help protect your insureds when they are sued.  We have represented property owners ranging from convenience stores, groceries stores, malls, etc.  We can assist with any type of claim.


Animal attacks, and specifically dog bites, are all too common, and the animal’s owner typically could have avoided the attack if he took precautions to protect the public.  Unfortunately, owners of vicious animals fail to do so, resulting in tragic injuries for the victims, which many times, are children.  Dog bites result in horrific injuries, which require personal injury attorneys with experience in dog bite cases.  We have handled numerous dog bite cases, ranging from minor-to-major injuries, and we will fight to protect your insureds from these claims.


We have handled numerous Habitability claims throughout Central California.  We can assist your property owners to ensure they are not being taken advantage by aggressive attorneys who try to coerce property owners with frivolous claims.


Almost anything can happen on property, from a trip to a catastrophic accident.  We have handled everything in between. We deal with cases with household "employees," subcontractors on-site, notice issues, lighting conditions, "dangerous" property, etc. You name it, we have likely litigated it.  We can help your property owner insureds in their action and keep them safe from the multitude of pitfalls of a premise liability action.


Insured sued for violation of its mobile home park? We can help.  We have represented owners of mobile home parks with their claims that range from lighting, to rent increases, to electrical issues.  Plaintiffs can think up every kind of "defect" at a mobile home park, but we can ensure that your client is protected.


Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents because other drivers don’t pay attention.  Many times people assume the motorcyclist was at fault simply because he was on the motorcycle, which is not the case.  Most drivers are not aware of motorcycles sharing the roadway, and because they don’t see you, they assume it was the motorcyclist's fault.   We have fought these myths and prevailed. 

Motorcyclists routinely suffer more severe injuries than others in accidents, including broken bones, damaged spines, and head traumas, and we have successfully handled cases with these types of traumatic injuries.  No matter how complicated the injuries, we will ensure your insured is protected. 


Product defect actions can arise from nearly anything. We can represent your insureds to protect them from these broad claims.


Boating accidents, although infrequent, usually result in catastrophic injuries, requiring sophisticated representation.  We can represent your insureds that are involved to ensure they are protected from the large potential damages claims.  


We also handle professional liability claims.  We have represented real estate agents in claims and can help your insured navigate the complicated work of a professional liability lawsuit.


Have a claim that does not quite fit in the above categories? No matter. We can handle any kind of general liability claim. Give us a call to discuss.

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